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  • Our new boats

    In 2018 a lot of new boats have joined our fleet. 

  • Beautiful!

    The waters of Friesland can be very relaxing. Discover the small canals by boat!

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  • New motorboat

    Enjoy our new luxurious boat which is suitable for several persons. 

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2+2 motorboats

With a 2 + 2 motor yacht is meant; two completely equivalent cabins. Two bathrooms (with toilet and shower) and two spacious bedrooms with both a double bed.

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Bootverhuur en Yachtcharter Friesland
Luxury motorboats

The luxury motorboats are suitable for those who want to enjoy on the water and still have all the comfort just like home. Central heating, bow thruster, stern thruster, spacious beds and of course a beautifull design.

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The motorcruiser

Experience a beautiful vacation with multiple people. A motorcruiser has room for 2-8 people and is very modern. An ideal boat for a vacation with more people.

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The Kotter-Yacht

Rent a boat with the whole family ore even two families! Lots of space and luxery. Discover Friesland with style!

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The Doerak

For new sailors is the Doerak a perfect boat. These boats are very easy to opperate. Also the more experienced sailors can chose for the Doerak. It's a small boat but because of its shape inside is very spacious.

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The Bruzer

The Brûzer is a sturdy and stalwart boat. A compact boat with endless route options. Discover all waters of Friesland!

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Bootsverleih Friesland bei Sneek
Boats with open cockpit

Sailing with a motorboat is fun, easy and relaxing. With an open cockpit the contact with the water is even better. Combine this feeling with some luxery and the description of these boats is complete.

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Yachtcharter De Schiffart is the adres to rent a motorboat in Friesland. De Schiffart is a recognized boat rental company in Terherne.

Our fleet consisting of 35 boats ranging from 7 to 13,80 meters. Al yachts offer the facilities for a relaxing holiday on the waters of Friesland.

You don't need a boat license to rent one of our modern yachts. 

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De Schiffart Yachtcharter

Koailan 6 NL-8493 LA Terherne
T: +31 (0) 566 65 19 20

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Monday / Friday: 9:00 to 17:30
Saturday: 10:00 to 16:30

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