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De Schiffart Yachtcharter in Terherne

The Schiffart Yachtcharter is a full-service yacht charter company in Terherne on the Sneekermeer. A great location at the heart of the Frisian lake region. Our family business contains a yacht wharf, yacht rental company, yacht marina and a water sports shop. We have built up a very varied fleet over the years, meaning there is a suitable boat for every type of water sports enthusiasts. This fleet includes; sturdy compact cabin motorboats (Doerakken, Brûzers), modern cruisers, boats with spacious open cabin, royal class cutter yachts, luxurious Super Lauwersmeers and spacious 2+2 yachts.

Ideally located charter harbour in Holland

Terherne is a fantastic boat departure point as a result of its central location in the Friesian waters, on the Sneekermeer and near Sneek.

No boating license required

You will not need a boating licence for our boats. It goes without saying everyone going out on our boats will be given a full technical explanation before departure.

A harbour with plenty of extras

The harbour boasts some excellent sanitary facilities, power and water at the jetties and parking spaces for tenants on our own private site, right next to the harbour.


Our yachts are all in top condition. However, should you experience any problems whilst you are on the water: no problem at all, our technical service staff will be with you in a flash!

Find your boat

Rent a motorboat for 2 to 8 people

The Doerak

2-4 persons

For someone who is new to watersporting, the Doerak is an ideal motorboat for cruising in Friesland. But the Doerak is also a suitable motorboat for more experienced skippers. The boat is compact, but thanks to its form it is spacious inside. Each Doerak has a bow thruster, which means they are very easy to manoeuvre!

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The Doerak The Doerak

The Brûzer

2-5 persons

The Brûzer is a robust motorboat with classic lines, which is easy to sail. With its unique form the boat offers a lot of space inside, while remaining compact. This means that this motorboat offers the possibility of many cruising routes and you can discover all of Friesland's waterways!

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The Brûzer The Brûzer

The Kruiser

2-8 persons

Experience a marvellous holiday on the water with a number of people. Our modern cruisers offer plenty of space, luxury and steering comfort. The perfect motorboat for 2-8 people. The Kruiser is a great boat for discovering Friesland in company!

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The Kruiser The Kruiser

Luxury open cockpit boats

2-4 persons

Prefer a slightly more special motoryacht? Then a luxury motorboat with an open cockpit is a great choice. Suitable for 2-4 persons and just a bit different from the average rental boat. A cruising holiday becomes even more fun and relaxing with one of these motorboats!

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Luxury open cockpit boats Luxury open cockpit boats

The Kotter-Yacht

2-8 persons

Rent a motoryacht with all the family, or even 2 families. This yacht has a very spacious interior, and the space is cleverly allocated to offer plenty of privacy, generous fixed berths and a shower and toilet both fore and aft. Cruise Friesland in style!

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The Kotter-Yacht The Kotter-Yacht

2+2 motoryachts

4-6 persons

When we talk about a 2+2 motoryacht we mean, two completely equal cabins. Namely, two bathrooms (with toilet and shower) and two spacious bedrooms, each with a generous double bed. These luxury yachts are particularly suitable for two couples.

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2+2 motoryachts 2+2 motoryachts

Luxury motorboats

2-8 persons

The luxury motorboats are for those who want to enjoy cruising, but want to do so with every convenience you can get into a boat. For example, central heating, double glazing, bow and stern thrusters, generous beds and bathrooms, and of course an attractive design!

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Luxury motorboats Luxury motorboats