Sailingroute 'Tour of South Friesland'

The tour of South Friesland takes you through the different landscapes that Friesland has to offer in a weekend. While sailing you enjoy the Frisian nature reserves, lakes and ditches and you sail through picturesque villages.

  • weekend
  • 5,50m
  • 69km

Sailingroute 'Tour of South Friesland'

From Terherne you depart for the picturesque Akkrum. Akkrum is a pleasant village with a number of shops and various facilities such as a supermarket, a butcher and a bakery. There are also several nice marinas to spend the night. See the rest of this sailingroute or rent a motorboat in Friesland to sail this route with.

The rest of the South Friesland Tour

  • Sailing from Akkrum to beautiful Delfstrahuizen
    After Akkrum sail on over Het Deel and the Nieuwe Heerenveense Kanaal, towards Heerenveen.
    Heerenveen is a city that contains several moorings and harbours, making it easily accessible. In the centre there is a nice shopping street and Heerenveen also has excellent restaurants. There are also plenty of other activities to consider like the cinema, museums and going out.
    After Heerenveen, the Route continues over the Engelenvaart towards Delfstrahuizen. The Engelenvaart is a shallow navigation channel. So keep in mind not to sail too fast.
  • Spending the night in the wild

    While sailing through the beautiful nature you arrive at the junction of the Jonkers or Heloma vaort and the Pier Christiaansloot. There are three different options to spend the night nearby. 
    The first option is to continue on the Jonkers or Heloma in the direction of the Driewegsluis. At the Driewegsluis there are several beautiful places in the wild to spend the night. 
    Another option is to sail on to Echtenerbrug and Delfstrahuizen and spend the night at the two cosy little villages. 
    Would you rather wake up with a view of the lake? Then sail through Echtenerbrug and Delfstrahuizen over the Tjeukemeer to the Marchjepôlle. This is one of the beautiful islands in the middle of the Tjeukemeer. 

  • Sailing over the Tjeukemeer through Joure to Terherne

    On the Tjeukemeer you sail on to Langweer.
    Langweer is a gorgeous and fun water sports village with a beach and playground for children next to the marina. In addition to a well-kept harbour, the village also has nice restaurants and cafes with occasional live music. In short, a vibrant water sports village where you can enjoy yourself.

    Over the Langweerderwiels and along the atmospheric Marrekrite spots on the Alde Wei, the route continues to the Sneekermeer. Along the way there is another possibility to visit Joure. 
    Joure is a pleasant village with various shops and restaurants. In the port of Joure you are nicely sheltered and next to a park where you can take a nice walk. The distance to the centre is about 500 metres. There are plenty of activities on offer in Joure. For example, an indoor play forest, a swimming pool, a puzzle museum and a bowling and mini golf course. 

    After Joure you continue on the Goingarijpster Poulen and the Sneekermeer towards Terherne. On the way to Terherne you sail between islands, one by one nice Marrekrite places along the way. Nice to spend one last night. Another option is to spend the last night at our marina.

  • End in Terherne

    Once in Terherne, there is still plenty of fun to be had. Terherne is also known as the chameleon village. This vibrant and cosy village has 900 inhabitants in the winter and as many as 8000 in the summer. The chameleon island is highly recommended for children. The island has exciting paths that lead along and over the water, through trees and over swamps. In addition, there are activities such as pole vaulting over the ditch, the cable car and countless other adventures.

Bridge operating times

Bridge operating times in Friesland

When you are planning the route for an enjoyable cruise, it is useful to know the times of the bridges and locks in Friesland. Because they can vary for each bridge, and with the seasons.