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  • The Doerak

    The doerak is a nice compact boat. Ideal for starters!

  • Boat rental Friesland, Netherlands

The Doerak2-5 personen

For new sailors is the Doerak a perfect boat. These boats are very easy to opperate. Also the more experienced sailors can chose for the Doerak. It's a small boat but because of its shape inside is very spacious.

The Doerak

The Doerak

The Doerak is ideal for beginning sailors: easy to navigate and also cost attractive. A license is not required. For people who have never sailed it's only a small step to explore the world from the water. And this is different, adventurous, beautiful, relaxing and full of surprises! The doerak is also popular with the more experienced sailors. This is because the Doerak is compact yet roomy. The entry and exit are low and the side decks are wide. Because they are low there are many route options.

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